R9000 Data logger

R9000 Data logger

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Technical Parameters

R9000 Data logger


Application and Features

► a) Welding parameter calculator

You select the welding standard, example DVS, ISO. You input your welded pipe OD, SDR, material PE80/100 etc. You input your hydraulic cylinder area. You get the welding parameters.

► b) Welding process guider

The calculated welding parameters will guide you into each process clearly lead you to finish the whole welding process. Clear chart with moving arrow show you a visual welding process.

►  c) Welding data logger

The device will record the whole welding process with clearly set parameters and recorded parameters to give you a real welding quality information.

►  d) Project information manager

The machine gives you the ability to record the information related to the project, such as project no. project manager, welder no. monitor no. no. of welding joint, welding machine no. welding location, etc.

►  e) Heating plate performance inspector

Follow up the standard of DVS, ISO, the device will guide you to test the heating plate with surface temperature deviation, temperature control capability, X value, coating, etc. The device will generate a separated testing report and record.

►  f)  Hydraulic system calibrator

It is easily to calibrate your pressure gauge meter by testing low, middle, high pressure of your machine to check the deviation between the value of your pressure gauge and the device. And it is also can give you the whole chart of your pressure deviation during your whole welding process.

►  g) Welding history recorder

It is very powerful for history record. You can check all the record for each welding joint. 1000 piece of welding joint record can be stored in this device before your read out. You can use USB to read out the record or require DTU(optional) to send the record to your server automatically. Printer is as standard for the device, you can print out your welding report on the job site.

Beside, ambient temperature is measured, record and considered as a impact factor to calculate the welding parameters.

Big advantage: You stay with our latest program! Very easy, you get our program with email and store in USB and insert into the device.

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