Pipelines conveying energy and water are the world’s lifelines. Just like the veins in the human body, they guarantee that warmth, fuels and lifebringing fluids reach their recipients – an important contribution to the overall quality of human life.


In past 70 years,ROTHENBERGER has been supporting all those whose daily work helps not only to ensure that these lifelines reach more and more people, but also to maintain them in an excellent condition: by supplying innovative and reliable highest quality pipetools and machinery that can be found in the hands of excellent skilled craftsmen and on construction sites all around the globe.







Only by having a perfect knowledge of our products, our customers are able to use them in the best way. It is our promises to invest in custom training

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When we get a demand from a customer or a potential customer who wants to buy us a product, it is our standard procedure to supply the best solution to...

The Processing of production

When we get a order from our customers, it is our standard procedure to give our loyal customer one production processing table including parts name...

After sales Technical Assistance

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