Thank you for interesting in Wuxi ROTHENBERGER, part of the Rothenberger Group. We offer to provide you our latest technologies, our quality products and our best service. Rothenberger-ROTHENBERGER is leading in the industry of pipe tool technology.

Presales Technical Assistance

When we get a demand from a customer or a potential customer who wants to buy us a product, it is our standard procedure to supply the best solution to meet their needs.

The Processing of production

When we get a order from our customers, it is our standard procedure to give our loyal customer one production processing table including parts name & its lead time, total assembling time and testing scheme within 1-2 days.


Only by having a perfect knowledge of our products, our customers are able to use them in the best way. It is our promises to invest in custom training. These courses are aimed to teach our customers how to operate the products in the best way and how to get the "first aid" when necessary.

After sales Technical Assistance

ROTHENBERGER's Service Centre can solve all kinds of technical issues as well as supply various types of spare parts in the shortest time.